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Thread: The Last True Hermit?

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    Anyone who goes to Hawaii for the winter doesn't have diminished mental capacity...jst sayin

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldFlJarhead View Post
    Anyone who goes to Hawaii for the winter doesn't have diminished mental capacity...jst sayin
    The OP was about a guy the used thievery to get by for 20 plus by solitary way.

    The guy that spent time in Hawaii, also lived by himself but apparently has a source of income....but did live completely off the grid in a hermit life style....
    Point of that story is that some people are different, think different, and have different goal and needs.....But didn't become a thief
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    This is a very interesting read. I was intrigued by the person, and in some ways I felt sympathetic towards him, but at the same time he's a thief.

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    After all the break in's, the guy only did 7 months. It has made me sick the way our state handled this guy.

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    A fascinating article! I don't mean to diminish the crimes he committed but his life has been remarkable. I tend to agree with the diagnosis of Aspergers. He doesn't come across as "crazy" in any sense but clearly he's not wired like most folks. What struck me most was how intelligent and lucid he was. In a sense he reminds me a lot of myself. As a kid I was quiet and kind of a loner, preferring the company of books to that of people most of the time. Dad would take to work (job site, construction) and I'd take a big stack of Nat Geo magazines with me. We got them for free since grampa was the super of a retirement home- they would throw them out after a month or two so he saved them for me. Growing up in a small town before cable and the internet I was an anachronism even in my own area. My speech and language was kind of dated because I learned most of my vocabulary from books that might have been ten years old or a hundred. I too spoke like a book because I spent much more time reading than speaking. At least until my mid-teens.

    Obviously he's a criminal, and by all accounts realizes it himself and is ashamed. Sadly there's no place for him in the world. It's unlikely that someone who's spent the last 25 years avoiding all human contact, having only spoken to another person one time in decades, will ever be integrated into society. What can he do?

    While it's true he survived by stealing it still took incredible strength and resilience. I was moved by his description of the times it got truly cold, and his fear of winter. It seems that in winter he was a prisoner; he said he had a whistle that he figured he could use to summon help but ultimately decided he'd die before he used it. And I understand his comments about age slowing him down since I'm just a year or two younger than he is.

    An odd story but an interesting one. I wish him peace in whatever the rest of his life holds in store.


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