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    Quote Originally Posted by your_comforting_company View Post
    .........................A good deal of our stuff gets repurposed or just reused (like egg cartons and coffee cans). You'd be surprised at the junk you see at some of the festivals we attend, which was just garbage someone had an idea for arts and crafts.
    LOL, as I live with a "Crafter"....our house is filled with this stuff.......and seems it is just postponing the inevitable for a length of time.

    Gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling for a while....but will end up as land fill in time as all things do.

    But it is fun to see the imagination, talent and work that goes into you have a good day out and about, ....spend some money, eat local foods,...try to talk the folksingers in to "Stairway to Heaven" to like minded people and have a good time.

    We do it every chance we get.

    Plastic bags and bottles should be banned.
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    We have a weekly trash service, one week te green stuff, not for us we compost everything, the other week the rest of the garbage, which we use four or five times a year.
    Once in two weeks they come for the plastics and thats for free.

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