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Thread: Survival school training reviews / comments

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    Default Survival school training reviews / comments

    I've searched online and have not found any reviews of training schools folks have attended. I've thought of going to NE Ohio Primitive Living & Wilderness Survival School.

    Can you point me to reviews of this or similiar wilderness training / bushcraft schools?
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    maybe you can search on over to And tell us about yourself so we can make recommendations that fit yoru skill level age etc etc
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    An issue with survival school reviews is that very few people are going to admit that they wasted money on a school. Their ego won't allow them to.
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    Can't comment as I haven't used those schools......just Boy Scout's in the 1950's
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    I've seen a lot of footage from "survival camps", like the Pathfinder School. Good info is taught, but then it gets taken into the realm of the absurd as they attempt to make you apply these skills in simulated scenarios.

    One class they make you carry a chicken around for days and eventually butcher it. Another one they make you hunt and trap and give you a "quota" of meat poundage that you need to acquire. Some guys starve, or eat snakes and bugs, while others eat coyote.

    But like anything else, you go into it with a certain level of knowledge. You'll learn a lot or a little based on what you had going into it. It may or may not be worth the price for what you get out of it. l tend to think you'd be better off researching this stuff on your own and then applying it in the field during your own personal "dirt time".
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    After a month and know returning post, I don't think we will see slackpack again. But...

    Medicine Bow

    Midwest School of Bushcraft
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