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Thread: Ever eat this when you were kid?

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    Default Ever eat this when you were kid?

    What i am referring to is sheep showers. I remember eating those things all the time, and actually liked the sour flavor.
    They have to be safe to eat or I would have never lived past 10 years old. All of my sisters and cousins ate them too, and my cousins told me that you could make wine out of them.
    I'm not too sure how good sheep shower wine would be, but hey, I guess if you were living in the wild it may be a different story!

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    I have it growing in my yard. I know it as Sheep Sorrel. I like it in a spinach salad with a vinegar and oil dressing.

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    Sheep sorrel grows all over North America and is a decent addition to a survival diet if it is eaten with other foods and not to excess, because it contains a high proportion of oxalic acid. Too much can lead to severe digestive tract distress and dehydration. (Woodworkers use oxalic acid to bleach wood as part of finishing furniture; in concentrated form it can be nasty stuff.) It is often found in areas with disturbed soil like old logging/mining roads and old farms. It can be found from sea level up to at least 10,000 feet ASL. The plant also is useable for home remedies similar to other members of the dock family in teas, poultices, etc. Like Gryffyn, I pair it with a simple vinegarette. A good plant to know.

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    Aren't we fortunate to have perennial weeds that just keep going and going? For those that don't know Sheep Sorrel this one is kinda easy to pick out. It has sorta of weird arrowhead shaped leaves. The leaves have lobes on the base of the leaf and the step is deeply ridged with a light reddish tint.

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