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Thread: Report on the Taurus 44 Tracker.

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    Default Report on the Taurus 44 Tracker.

    Well, the snow left, the ground (mostly) dried out and the range opened so that I was able to finally try out the Taurus 44 Tracker that I purchased several months ago.

    First of all, I sent the gun to AIMPRO Tactical for an action job and Hogue grips. As it came from the factory, it was a gritty action and hard to open the cylinder. AIMPRO fixed all that. My principal intended use will be with 44 special ammo. Cowboy action loads feel like shooting 38 special wad cutters! Virtually no recoil! I then shot a maximum load in a LFP GC hard cast semi wad cutter (a bear load). Recoil seemed to be about the level of a .357 Mag 158 gr load. Finally, I shot several rounds of the Winchester 44 Mag 225 gr Boar load. It has snap but I was wearing a PAST Shooting glove and recoil was quite tolerable. Taurus states that they do not recommend a steady diet of 44 Mag loads in this gun. It is intended for people like me that are content to shoot the 44 Special loads but want the ability to use 44 Mag loads in special circumstances. Next weekend I am going on a wild boar hunt and will carry the Taurus as a back up , loaded with the Winchester Boar loads.
    The Taurus seem to be very accurate and the sights are right on. I am very pleased with the gun, which by the way comes ported from the factory. I think it make a good companion piece for the 44 Mag bbl on my H&R single shot.

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    I glad you like it.....although I do kinda question why a company would recommend "Not" using the intended loading?....all the time.

    That would make me wonder how many are too many?.....100, 500?
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    And what does the world look like at 101 or 501?

    You guys can have those artillery level handguns. You are a better man than me, OP. Good luck on the hunt.

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    I have the Titanium trackers in .41 Mag and .357 Mag. The .357 is a dream with .38 specials and not bad at all with full on .357 loads. The .41 is a brute with the Mag loads and had to put Houges on it. I also trimmed down 500 .41 mag brass to .41 special length. It is a pleasure to shoot the .41 special loads. I was hoping to buy a third titanium tracker in .327 Federal but they quit making the titanium trackers.
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