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Pot belly pigs are easy keepers. Once you get one, you will be amazed how often people offer to give bbq size pigs that didn't quite make the ideal indoor pet. Much easier to keep free range because of their size. I sell extra piglets and always offer to trade bigger pigs that aren't cute or cuddly anymore for little ones. They aren't aggressive, don't need vet care or a special diet, are very prolific, aren't destructive. The same people that are horrified that you eat them probably don't want you to eat rabbits either.
The problem I see with pot bellys is the sheep amount of belly fat. I hear it ruins the bacon.
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I read this, and I don't know who wrote it! 1) you can feed 11 goats for what 1 cow will eat, you have to breed that

cow in order for her to give milk, that takes a bull. Thats 22 goats that give 2 gallons of milk a day, thats 44 gallons of milk a

day vs 4 gallons a day. Not very land savvy and why other countries rely on sheep and goats for milk and cheese not cows.

Cattle are luxury items if you can afford them. Pigs.. REALLY! sure if you have strong fences and want everything you own torn

up. Not to mention they are hard to reproduce. Sows lay on their pigs and kill them with out care, thats why wild pigs are not

seen with 16 pigglets they are seen with 2-5, they killed the others. Again, pretty expensive for the feed and total time suckers.

Horses. Goats can do the draft work of ponies and allot of fire wood hauled in or garden space plowed. Horses eat allot, they

drink allot, they tear down allot, and they injure people.. allot. Im an old cowboy and I swear by my horse IF and only IF and

when there is a reason for one. On a farm stead, is not the reason. Yes cows give milk, pigs are meat and fat, horses are

transportation, but.. at what cost? Then.. he talks about rabbits. Yes rabbits are good protein but have no viable fat, also they

eat like pigs and have worms, so you can't butcher them unless its below freezing out side or you will get sick and die if they

have ever been on the ground, or have eaten anything like grass from the ground. Im assuming under these conditions you

won't be buying pre made rabbit food. Goats are milk cheese, meat, draft animals and hide. Sheep are wool ( water proof and

fire resistant clothing that is super warm) meat, cheese and yogurt. Poultry can open graze, you can't go wrong. Keep in mind

Turkeys will eat baby rabbits and other small animals, as will some breeds of ducks and geese. Muscovy ducks taste just like fine

beef. All poultry are expensive to feed in the winter unless they run with the sheep and eat their poop. Sorry to go on like this,

but not everything about farming, was written by people that actually farm, or have even owned animals. Sad to say, but true.


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