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    Default Medicinal Plants

    Here is a Word document with 84 medicinal plants for your perusal. I make no claims about the validity of the information. I'm only posting for your information. Use your own judgement on whether the claims are valid.
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    Awesome post! There are also some online databases with extracts from the King's American Dispensatory which I find useful if you have a question about what a plant might be used for. Look for Henriette's Herbal. It's best to practice identifiying a few useful plants - get good at it - then expand from there. Plants can be tricky to identify. This site has a cool page for some of that too. I am so glad I found yall.

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    Some of the terms and Family names are antiquated, and no longer in use, but if you cross reference with newer material, you'll find this file very useful! Thanks Rick!
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    thanks Rick.
    i downloaded this to save.
    i have an old chest.its a recipe box is what it looks like.
    i have carried it around for years and years.
    since the 70s.its much like this info u shared.
    its recipe cards in a recipe like box with pictures of all the plants in the woods u can use for medical help.
    if anyone every comes across this.grab it up cause its sure helpful to get a photo of each plant in this little recipe chest.
    i love mine and always am looking at the cards.Natures-Medical-Chest1.jpg

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    It is also a good Idea, to check and see what plant are native to ones area. Many medical plants have the same use but not all grow in the same region.
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