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    My wife and I bought our chickens about a year and a half ago as chicks. At the time we lived close to the city and were unable to have a rooster. Now that we moved to the country we can have roosters.

    I was worried about buying chicks this late in the year so we found someone who was giving their chickens away.

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    I have no idea how old the rooster is. The lady that gave him away had hundreds of chickens.

    He was a little skittish at first, but he has since warmed up to the hens.

    One step closer to having a self-sustaining chicken flock.

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    Nothing in this world beats fresh chicken, fresh eggs etc. You'll need to get a few cows and a bull.

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    Shoot, just hang around here. There's plenty of bull in this place.
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    Unless you're in it for real, you don't want a bull.
    Find someone else with a bull and borrow it.
    They eat a lot and are only good for one thing for a few days a year.
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