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Thread: following subscribed threads?

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    Default following subscribed threads?

    Hey I'm still kind of new here, I'm not a techie and I have a stupid question. Every evening when I log into the forum, is there any way to bring up a list of every post I've replied or subscribed to?

    When I log in, I'm starting to have trouble what threads I've responded to. Any help would be appreciated...

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    have trouble remembering lol

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    What I do is click on new posts after logging in. Then when the list comes up there is a little green circle with a arrow inside it. This denotes a thread you have posted on. I reckon a fella could post on a thread to lock it in so to speak.
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    That's pretty much what I do as well. New posts will give you any post that has been made since the last time you logged on. If you have to log back out for some reason then come back you can click on Forum, Quick Links, then Today's Posts. You will receive a list that is divided into threads that have been updated since your last visit and threads that have not been updated since your last visit.

    Just remember these solutions only work until you clear your cookies. Once your cookies are cleared then you PC has no way of knowing what has been read and what hasn't.

    Another note: When you log in make certain you tick the Remember Box below your logon ID and Password. That will set a cookie so you don't get logged off for inactivity.

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    okay awesome...thanks guys


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