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Thread: Masonry Ladders for the Garden

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    Default Masonry Ladders for the Garden

    Masonry ladders are simply 8" X 10' galvanized structural wire used in 10" concrete block construction. They also make excellent supports for plant covers. You can shape them as in the picture below and cover them with plastic in cool weather or cheese cloth to keep birds out. You can also use them for climbing plants. They are $3.47 at Lowes or if you are in construction you can probably pick up used or cut ones for free.


    Here's a link to Lowe's

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    I will be making use of those. I made my tomato cages out of a roll of concrete wire. They need replacing, but are probably 20 years old. It's amazing how much that wire has went up.

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    I use those. I tie mine horizontally into an a-frame to vertical grow cucumbers. Saves a lot of space. You can see the cukes covering an a-frame upper right in this photo:
    Edit: Actually these are what I use:

    I like to let them sit out a season to get a good rust patina so they don't drool rust all down the plants and to roughen the surface a bit so plants can grab on. Morning glories don't seem to mind them while they rust if you can't bear to have them sitting naked for a season.

    These things kill me though:
    They are nothing more then Re-bar supports painted red. I've been using them unpainted for over 40 years (you just clip off the bottom connector, leaving tines you can stab in the ground about a foot). Never thought of painting them red or patenting them. That's the height of something, I think... Anyway, you can't get a sturdier tomato or pepper stake.

    I also use rebar (with plastic caps put on them so I don't lean over and poke my eye out.) You can see them on the left in that photo I posted above. Short ones make great hose guides. Longer ones to aid in balance when leaning over a bed to pull weeds. And even longer ones to support the ends of those a-frames made of concrete mesh. You get a mess of cucumbers on there and it'll want to sag. I was using sticks when that pic was taken.
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