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Thread: Andrew

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    Question Andrew

    Can't register.Keeps telling me I'm spamming and there is those tingamageke you have to DECIPHER.What am I doing wrong!!

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    Your IP address is in Spamhaus's Policy Block List. It's possible a former Verizon customer was a spammer and had that IP. You can try registering with a different IP address or try to get your address removed from the list.


    As for the captcha, you will have to complete it. If you can't decipher the letters then hit the button to see a new on. You also have the option of listening to the letters if you hit the little speaker icon.

    I'll also contact the owner and have him check to see if your IP is blocked in our tables.

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    Email me at webmaster@ this site and I can manually set you up an account, just give me your wanted username

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