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Thread: Another TV Show casting, focusing on small chicken flocks

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    Default Another TV Show casting, focusing on small chicken flocks

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am working with Relativity Television to cast a docu-series about urban and suburban chicken husbandry.

    In particular, I would love to interview preppers and survivalists who incorporate chicken farming into their broader disaster and EOTW strategies.

    This is a unique and increasingly important sub-culture, and we\'re looking for big personalities and great communicators to share their knowledge with a broad audience.

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated!

    I can be reached at any of the contact data below:
    Bernard Parham
    Relativity Television
    Casting Producer
    Office: 323.860.8938
    Cell: 323379.9245
    Go forth and be famous.

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    Thanks for the heads up......
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    This sounds like something to look into. I'm just wondering why they want to focus on just chickens. Setting up a good survival retreat/ self-sustaining farm starts with picking a good location and getting everything prepared and then you get your livestock. When I was in grade school I had a teacher that used an incubator to hatch a dozen eggs before she realized that she had no place to PUT any chickens let alone taking care of their food, water and droppings. Well anyway, I did learn a very good lesson about what NOT to do and my grandfather got a dozen free chickens to add to his coop.

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    I am wondering, how many shows could you get out of a chicken documentary before it gets boring? I mean there is only so much you can say about raising chickens. Now if you could get ahold of some genetically altered super survival tactical chickens, that may get interesting.


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