After work Saturday 7-27-13, I harvested over two bushels of Chanterelles. I spent yesterday afternoon frying most of them up for freezing. First effort but it went well. The 'shrooms are moist but when the moisture cooked out of them into the skillet, I just cooked it right back in ... along with the seasonings. I'd chopped 'em up pretty good so they should be good to add to almost anything. I love them added to a skillet of fried potatoes, should be good in any rice dish too. They came out great and I 'nibbled' all the time I was working them up (some raw, some cooked). I did have plenty to share too. That was a bonus! One neighbor gave me garden tomatoes and another gave me a SACK FULL of herbs from her herb garden in return (rosemary, thyme, tarragon, parsley, oregano and two or three others).