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Thread: abandoned cabins in alaska

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    I read the whole thing. I do think y'all were a little hard on the beaver tho

    dogman said it tho. Make contacts, work and learn the goodness of humanity. Mountain folk are good folk. Everyone told me I couldn't do it ( Colorado mountains ) but 20+ years latter I'm still loving every morning I wake up. Exspecting disappointments but savor every beautiful thing, food, water, views, solitude and good company.......... Victory is sweet
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    Oh cool. I've got friends on Life Below Zero as well as Ice Road Truckers.
    Why do I live in Alaska? Because I can.

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    Congrats on your success.

    Bottom line is.....No one is saying it can't be done, or should not be done......But apparently there are a lot of misconceptions out there about just taking off in the wilderness and living there with no clue of what is involved.

    Most answers are suggestions or possibilities on what to look for, what to do, how to do it,.....and do it legally.
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    A friend of mine has a cabin out in the woods away from Soldotna on the kenai peninsula and went out to hunt and use his cabin that sees little use. Found some lower 48 squatters in it, and threw em out at gun point and destroyed their boat, guns and supplies, then turned them in. They saw jail time over that one. If I was you I'd stay away from what you might think is an abandoned cabin, the land they sit on is privately owned and some of us get a mite upset if someone moves in without permission. Your best bet is to build your own somewhere. If you have supplies flown in, you won't be unnoticed for long.

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    Haha was gonna post but this has been covered very well. Yes alaska is grand, yes the people are welcoming. But don't come in ignorantly or as someone said just go to the bus and plan to be the next Skeleton found by a real sourdough.

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    I have also been looking for land in AK for over 2 years. What I have found is the cheaper the land the less resources the land will have. In Alaska that means small to no trees, too small - not big enough around - to be used to build a traditional cabin. This applies to anywhere you look, Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada. The best I have found for Alaska is the over the counter web page, search Alaska otc and follow the link. I would be careful on how remote you want to get - be realistic here it may save your life. I am not doubting your abilities. I am looking for a place on a lake with trees and plenty of game. You might also contact the DNR office with questions

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    Cool Well...

    Haven't seen the OP guy since this thread, however the 1st question I'd be asking myself is "Why didn't these folks stay with the cabin?" "Is there something wrong with it?" ....
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