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Thread: Last minute vacation idea!

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    Default Last minute vacation idea!

    As the Dog Days of summer are upon us, I wanted to take this opportunity to suggest an unusual vacation destination found in southern PA not to far from the fields of Gettysburg. Here's the website with the specifics:

    Disclaimer: This is a fictitious website about a US facility which may or may not exist. In order to perpetuate and maintain the charade the Dept. of Defense has the following job announcement:

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    My wife and I did this a couple of years ago. The really cool part was the underground zip line. It's supposed to be an emergency evacuation option but as long as there are no emergencies they let you use it as a zip line. They turn out the lights about half way down it and let you slide in the dark. Sccccaaaarrrrryyyyyy stuff. You can actually ride a two person dingy through the fresh water cavern. There's a sign hanging at the entrace that says, "The Tunnel of Love". Too funny.

    The cafeteria is da bomb. Really. It's a replica of the Fat Man bomb dropped during WWII. They even give you a nose fuse to hold your napkin on the table. They didn't say if it was actually live or not so I handled it pretty gentle.

    Great post!!


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