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Thread: Blacksmithing Workshop in Salem, WV Jume 9th, 10th

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    Default Blacksmithing Workshop in Salem, WV Jume 9th, 10th

    If you are in the Clarksburg, Bridgeport ,WV area, here is an opportunity to attend a Blacksmithing Hammer In. Jymm Hoffman is an incredible craftsman that reproduces anything from his own hammers and anvils to shovels on up to cannon cartridges. He will be leading an all skill level workshop.

    I will in and out of the workshop forging parts and doing repair work on their treadle lathe and printing press. I will be there both days. If anyone is interested in attending both days and are traveling some distance, I may be able to arrange tent space. PM me if interested in both days. Follow link for registration info.

    Below is the Website for additional information. The text below is direct from the link.


    James A. (Jymm) Hoffman, a Museum Studies graduate from Salem College, has been a full time blacksmith for over 30 years. Jymm now resides in Ambridge , PA and specializes in museum quality reproductions and custom orders such as cooking utensils, fireplace equipment, architectural hardware, lighting devices, and tools. Jymm designed our forge which was constructed in 2009. He was also commissioned to supply the hinges for some current renovations. Jymm has been listed multiple times in the "200 Best Craftsmen" issue of Early American Life most recently being a featured blacksmiths in the 2008 article "Handmade Nails."

    We are pleased to have Jymm conduct a “hammer in” on June 8 & 9. The Fort will be open on each day from 12—5 to the general public, who can visit and witness a professional at work. Additionally individuals interested in receiving instruction from Jymm on blacksmithing can register for a hands on work shop. General admission is $7 for adults and free for children 6 and under. The work shop fee is $50 which includes general admission for one or both days. Registration can be on site but those who pre-register and pay by June 1 receive a $5 discount. Call 304-695-2220 for more details. You can download an application here.

    You can learn more about Jymm at his website (

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    Hello Karl,
    I'm looking for any ideas to launch a blacksmithing education program at our high school (examples of workshops or school clubs would be great too). Unfortunately, I didn't find any additional information (hammer in blacksmith link gave me an error).

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    What I did find were the school tours. Interested in a SMALL GROUP TOUR. Any dates for summer?

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    That looks like one of my former students....



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