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Thread: Does anyone here roast there own coffee?

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    Default Kafgar Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine

    Price is so high. I need to buy a low cost product. I can buy a new Coffee Roaster Machine from Kafgar. *****Oooops! Spam. Oh, no! *****
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    Sounds great! But I think it isn't worth it! Too expensive...

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    I've been roasting my own coffee for several years. I also use the Whirlie-Pop with my propane grill on the porch. I usually buy 5lbs or greater a time from Dean's Beans
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    Do you mail order Dean's Beans to Algeria 'cause I checked the map and they don't list a location anywhere in Africa.

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    Now I have never roasted the coffee bean, but rather buy the roasted bean to make all kinds. French Pressed, Cowboy coffee is the go-to when camping. But I have done both. First here are my steps for Franch Pressed coffee. First, you need a special coffee maker for the french press. As you bring the water to a bowel about 195-degrees. While waiting grain the beans into coffee grounds measure and drop into a pot of hot water for 3-mins and then press to the bottom of the pot and serve.
    Cowboy coffee is boiling water and the coffee ground dropped in after water comes to a bowl. I mix the grounds in for about 3-minutes as well. When ready I remove from the fire and dump in about a half cup of ice-cold water as this will make the coffee grounds fall to the bottom of the pot and serve. I normally make about 4 or 5, 12oz cups and by the end of the day have put them all away if not shared with friends. YES, I'll drink cold as well. I love my Coffee. Not so sure about this one, would need more information and the link seemed to be broken for me when I tried. Thanks for sharing coffee is good stuff when made right

    As for drinking poop, has anyone seen the movies on Bill Gates, on Netflix, called "INSIDE BILL'S BRAIN". His team made a totally self- sufficient toilet, all safe powered totally and makes clean drinking water form it as well as completely destroying for safe removal., yep you guessed it "POOP" All in all I found it kind of cool, them doing that. But don't take this to mean I'm a total fan of Mr. Gates. But I respect his work in helping others.
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