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Thread: Brain tanning?

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    Default Brain tanning?

    I am 15 years old and was wanting to get into tanning hides. Every time I shoot a squirrel and clean it, I feel like I could of used the fur for something. I have read about fur tanning with chemicals but frankly I don't have he money to be buying all kinds of chemicals. My question is what is the steps to braintanning a squirrel hide?

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    I've looked around the site, and found some great info for you!
    Using the search here, go to advanced search, click forums, keword(s): making, search titles only, Making Stuff, (Sub Forums) How-to Tutorials Only, "Braintanning the simple (or overcomplicated) way" by your_comforting_company

    Hope this helps. I also am interested in this information. :-)

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    I scavenged or inherited most of my equipment. Other than wood ash, and rotten wood, pretty much everything other than equipment is included with the animal.
    I don't think squirrels have quite enough brains to tan the hides as soft as I like them to be, so I use extra deer or pig brains. We can buy pig brains at the grocery, here.
    You should be able to get started with less than $20, if you are resourceful

    After you've read the tutorials, I'm available for questions if you need help!


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