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Thread: Water Bottle Carrier - How to Make

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    Default Water Bottle Carrier - How to Make

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    I do not have a step by step tutorial but here is how I made the net.
    I used the grommet start adjusted to fit my water bottle. I used a 1' wide gauge. I made 7 loops which with the drop knot made 8 loops (meshes) around.
    I tied 12 rows which was sufficient to cover my water bottle.
    To make the handle I started tying again but only tied into the first 3 meshes (leaving 4)
    After 7 rows I finished it the same way I finished the modification to the net bag discussed here post #2, step #4.
    The final knot was tied into the bag rather than into the handle as shown in the example. Obviously tie into only one mesh at a time when tying into the body of the net.

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