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Thread: Baitcasters!!!!!!

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    My whole life has been about precast snag and after cast impact. And it had nothing to do with fishing. (Big sigh).

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    This is seemingly an old thread, but I'll add my two cents.

    I've been happy with this 2500 Sedona $59.99, holds plenty of 6# and a decent drag. It's three years old and is still pretty smooth....I hose it off when I can remember to. Not sure what you'll be targeting there, but out here it's barred surf perch, corbina, yellow fin croaker, spot fin croaker to six pounds or so.

    Sorry for bumping....
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    Nothing wrong with bumping an old thread. At my (and some others) age, it's like a new thread.
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    I remember I bought my first baitcaster at Walmart in the late 80s. Got it home, put line on it and tied on a half ounce casting plug. Went out in the parking lot, cast it, bird nest from hell. Back inside for 20 minutes to untangle. Repeat, repeat, repeat, man this sucks. I tried again off and on every once in awhile but it was just to frustrating. Then about 20 years ago I was fishing with this guy and he finally got me casting his setup. Now I can cast a eighth ounce spinner bait into a 15 mph headwind with no worries. Its like riding a bike, once you get it, you got it.
    I still prefer spinning gear because it is more versatile. For reels I like the Sedonas and other mid range Shimanos.
    Lately most my fishing has been done sitting in a chair on the river bank with a cane pole and whatever I can kick up for bait.

    edit: some facts in this post have been embellished because its about fishing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsman296 View Post
    So i was looking online for a cheap baitcaster for my friends and team-mates on my bass team to use because they like to throw around my 200$+ Lew's, and Abu Garcia's. So i came acrossed the Shakespeare Alpha for 15$ on ebay new, and i know it won't be as great as my high-end reel's but is it even worth the 15$ just for a throw around, also it still has to work as a good reel not just a rag doll.hehee

    Has anyone used or have a shakespeare Alpha low profile baitcaster?


    Here's some budget baitcaster combos. Take a look & find the best one for you!!


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