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Thread: Diabetes

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    The important thing to remember is that there are two (actually three, but I am assuming that no one is pregnant) types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. Type one means that for some reason your pancreas produces no natural insulin on its own. There is no getting off of insulin in this case, it must be supplemented in order for you to survive. It is true that your body is capable of burning fat to attempt to compensate for not being able to utilize the carbohydrates that have been taken in however, this causes a severe build up of toxins in the blood that will rapidly lead to a build up of acid (known as diabetic ketoacidosis) which can progress rapidly to coma and death if not treated. Type 2 diabetes (as has already been pointed out) means that your body has lost its "sensitivity to insulin," it takes a much larger amount to utilize the same amount of sugar in the blood than it would for a normal person. Typically, in this case, you still produce insulin just not enough of it to compensate for what you have eaten. In this case changing your diet and avoiding high sugar foods will often reverse the problem. Many type 2 diabetics wind up on insulin because their insulin resistance continues to increase throughout their life and they continue to require higher and higher doses of oral medications and it becomes necessary to supplement the bodies' own insulin supply. This is where people can lose weight and exercise and reduce or eliminate their dependence on insulin injections.

    To make a long post even longer, I am with Rick. Talk with your doc about being able to keep some extra meds on hand in case of emergencies. Also, there is a somewhat new type of insulin on the market. The Novolog Flex Pen that does not require refrigeration for up to 28 days. So this may be something to talk with your provider about to see if it is something that you could use.
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    being a diabetic myself I have started now to prepare. I am insulin dependent. But thur diet and lots of exercise I have been able to skip some of my injections, not all but some. Any type of exercise that will increase your metabolism will burn sugar.

    If you start NOW on teaching your self, and controlling your sugars you will be ahead when the SHTF and there is no more insulin

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    FYI there is a stem cell therapy now that completely reverses diabetes. My brother had it and he is diabetes free.

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    Your brother wouldn't happen to be a mouse would he? As to my knowledge only in the last two weeks has that been shown to work, on the equivalent to diabetes in mice, and hasn't been successful in humans. Sources and links please...

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    I read something on this back in January or February. They had just been successful in mice studies. I don't remember them even mentioning human studies so I would gather it is sometime in the future. Yeah, links would be good.

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    Devils Club (Oplopanax Horridus) has been used to successfully treat diabetes. What type? How much devils club? I don't know. the Aunt of a Tlingit Indian fella that I work with used devils club tea to treat her diabetes for years. The doctor told her that whatever she was doing, to keep on doing it because it was working. She was using devils club as a tea. Might be a good idea to check it out and how to use it if it ever happens to be a survival situation and you are in need. Of course Devils Club does have to be available. either native to your area or gathered and dried or bought.

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    EEeRegardless of the myths they tell you, the loss of weight and strict adherence to diet does not necessarilky mean you will become drug free. I lost 130 #, reduced my carb intakes, ate much better and excercise and my glucose levels thanked my by putting me in diabetice ketoacidosis. Spent 3 days in a CV unit and the doctors had to increase my levels even with strict control over my intakes. Diabetes is an immune deficiuency disease! Anything from stress, excercise, diet to medications can raise or lower glucose. Best answer; is track what raises and lowers you glucose levels! Keep records of what you eat, what excercises or life styles help or hinder, remember to track spices too! How long an individual can "safely" go without needs to be gauged and tracked by the individual. Your physician is a tool, only as good as the information you give them. Listen to your body. When your sugar goes up, how do you feel? New aches, pains changes in eye sight? Low? Dizzy? "Light" in your vision. Remember the most important thing in your diabetic "survival" kit, is the same as what need for any "survival" kit. YOU! I, myself have "tells" I.E. I have COPD, so when sugar elevates over 200, I have what feel like my asthma attacks, when I was a child. Speak with your physician, see if they will set you up with a "workable" non refridgerated pen system. Mine allows me a month and half supply once a year. Just be sure to use it before it expires! Under new health care requirements, they may be limited in amount or capability. But talk to them, most they do is say no. Just remember these WILL be synthetics! Recap: research, notes, test, and practice! And especially in a supply shortage/survival situation.

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    I'm thinking that most anyone the requires maintenance meds is gonna be screwed to a large extent.

    Currently I am on all sorts of med after heart surgery.....Is it all needed?...don't know, Dr. isn't saying.....just take your meds and see us in 6 months.
    I can fill scrip's for 3 months....but is a matter of timing...if SHTF at the beginning of a cycle, gonna have 3 month....if at the end...good luck.

    Seems the medical profession is adding more and more meds, but they are controlling what, when, and how much.

    Some relief can come from diet, healthy life style, natural substitutes and such......but not all.

    Grid down, meds run out, lots of population won't make it for 6 months.
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