Delta - Ditto with me. I have a thumb drive I wear around my neck that has my medical records, living will, health care power of attorney, ICE contacts and organ donor form. The rest of the important documents are all on backup drives and/or safe deposit box.

Dagar - No problem. Obviously not all of the items apply to everyone but if you have a professional license or are in the military then those documents might be pretty handy and hard to replace if everything is in turmoil like we are seeing on the East Coast. But it does give you a check list to give some thought to. I consider one of the most important items in that list to be the recent photos of family members. Hurricanes not withstanding you rarely know when a disaster is going to hit and the odds of everyone being together is sort of small. You might find yourself separated from loved ones and having those pictures would sure be nice if you needed to post them seeking information.