Again, no affiliation. But this is a great deal! has a sale on several different Geigerrig hydration packs! These rigs have won tons of awards and seem to be bombproof. They had them a few months ago and I kicked myself for not ordering one in time, so this time I decided to strike while the iron was hot! :grin: I just ordered a 1200 in black. That one has a 100 oz hydration bladder in a pack with 1200 cubic inches of pack space.

One neat thing about these rigs is that you can open the entire top of the bag to fill them, and then pull it out of the pack and turn it inside out and run it thru the dishwasher! Nice! You can also install an inline water filter allowing you to scope water out of a stream and drink it right thru the tube.

I'm a BIG water drinker! When out and about hiking I always have at least a 40 oz bottle on me. I've always hated water bladders but this one seems to fix every complaint I've had. Plus 1200 ci is plenty of space for survival gear, good, etc.

We'll see if it lives up to the hype, but if anyone is interested the deal runs for 3 days or until they're gone.