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I've enjoyed and benefited so much from being a member of a SAR team, I wanted to share that experience with others. If you too thrive in the great outdoors and want to help your fellow fresh-air, nature, adventure, and outdoor sports lovers, or just other human beings in general (and sometimes even their pets) who find themselves in unfortunate situations,

I went on my first SOLO camping trip when I was 11 years old.

I ran away from home.

Like most I served my Country and 18 months in NAM with the special Forces.

I made 8 HALO jumps from 28,000 feet onto Laos aka Muang Lao.

After being discharged I went back to Alaska where I met up with a professional climber,James Gardner).

After climbing 7 of the summits in Denali Ntal. park I then heard of a lost bush pilot.

I just offered to help and the Alaska SAR team was impressed with the way I navigated the steep climbs and they took me in and I was endorsed by the Alaska SAR team.

Many lost parties never thought of making a fire or using a kite or mirror to be seen and blazing fires that were made put out white smoke that can't be seen against the white snow.

My friend and I hiked the entire perimeter of Alaska,soaked in hot springs and hiked along the McKenzie river and back to the Yukon area and back to Anchorage.

The small picture to the right is part of the chugach mountain range.

Many packer went up and over several peaks then got lost.

Many were found with tents,food,fuel,stoves and never thought of setting up a shelter.

They died.

I made 27 jumps in that Mountain range at temps 30 below and weathered out several blizzards and 2 straight nights of -69 below (unofficial recording).

God gifted me with knowing what to do,how and when and because of that,i'm still here.