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Thread: Writing a Book post 2013

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    What about writing a book about how all the preppers have to survive on the outdated food sources that have been stored for years.
    The chapters could be:
    How to eat food from swelled cans.
    Can molding canned cheese really be used as an antibiotic
    How much water do I have to add to a can of dehydrated water to rehydrate it.
    Are C-ration apricots really a sex simulate
    Are the "use by" date on food containers just put there by the manufactures to make us purchase more food from them.
    What caliber of bullet would make a zombie more dead.
    If a .22 caliber bullet kills a deer would it be more dead if they used S&W 500.
    How to feed 10,000 survivalists that fled to the same local mountains on the 25 deer that lived there.
    How to catch fish where there isn’t any.
    Is my 4 ft samurai sword a better survival knife then my pen knife
    How to carry 21 guns and 10,000 rds of ammunition when bugging out on foot.
    How to convince the "hot chick" next door to become part of my survival group.
    Is Victoria Secrets really a survival store
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