One day last summer my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk on a trail by the Grand River, nothing much just a nice quiet stroll on a hot summer day, so I didn't bother putting on any hiking gear or anything I just went as I happened to be dressed, which was a tube top, a pair of capri pants and thong flip flops. After a while we decided to sit by the river, and soak our feet in it while having a smoke. When we noticed the the water level wasn't as high as it normally is. My boyfriend looks at me and says, lets cross it, I said no because on the other side of the river was basically a wall of rock and I wasn't much of a climber at the time, but he made it sound so easy that I caved and said ok lets do it.
Then it hits me, **** I cant cross this river, Im wearing flip flops...very flimsy non supportive flip flops...he says to me "dont worry just squeeze your toes around the thong and you'll be fine" , so like an idiot I listen to him.
The river bottom is covered with rocks, rocks with slippery moss...I took about 10 steps in and called out to my bf telling him Im going to turn back because theres no way with the shoes I was wearing could I cross it, the current was really strong. Of course he's wearing decent sandles so he is having no problem and he convinces me to continue, I tell him fine but im going home to change my shoes and I will be right back (we about a 5 min walk from the grand river) he said no just take my sandles I will wear your flip flops...
After putting on his sandles I was racing across the river!it was fun it was great! I turned around tell my boyfriend what a great idea this was, to see him going downstream...I call out to him saying WTF! where are you going??...
well, long story one of my flip flips broke (the thong part came out because they were only 5 bucks and weren't meant to withstand river crossing, let alone river crossing with big man feet) and my boyfriend was chasing my other flip flop down the stream because it got snagged and carried off his foot by the current. He's cursing the damn shoes, and was about to give up but..they were my favorite ones!!!
It was good times! he ended up getting my flip flops back, and fixing the broken one...we made it across, climbed the wall of rock, chilled out there for a bit then made it back.
We are going to go again this summer, and this time we will both be prepared, and were going to set up camp by building our own shelters. I will try to take some photos.