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Thread: Food shortages

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    TJ you are dead on with these articles. The food/riot ratio was eye opening given the droughts in the Midwest. We drive from Chicago to way up north WI most weekends. We saw hundreds of fields so drought-stricken the farmers could not water enough from wells to save the food. Lots of corn that never ripened or shriveled is still just standing where by now it would PICKED, HUSKS sold for feed (no nutritional value in these husks) and the rest turned under.
    The Midwest in particular had the double whammy of gas prices at or just below $4.00 all summer. In Chicago, only this week did they dip below $4.00. We were paying $3.96 every week; my point being the farmers had no rain, high energy and gas bils all summer.

    I suspect everything "food" will go sky high. That means any sodas or drinks that use high fructose corn syrups, all foods that contain corn gluten, or corn flour, dog foods (almost all contain corn products).
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    Wow, interesting this thread is here, last night I watched a BBC 3 part series called the Future of Food. Of course it was to me a little liberal leaning, when the host suggested that those in the UK cut their beef/meat consumption so the rest of the world can have reality even if you did "require" or "ration" meat/beef consumption, you would just create a black market for it without the assurance that those with less would have more.

    But it does touch on topics of sustainability and the future of growing as well as GMO's.
    Glad it being discussed here.

    As the main food obtainer in our house. Food prices have skyrocketed. Living in a city were well over 50% of the people use food stamps, creates higher food prices for us purchasing food and even Walmart is not a place to save much anymore. My grocery budget has not gotten bigger but food has gone up so much I have started to find more way without adding soy into our diet to create protein rich meals so we can have "meatless" dinners at least one or twice a week.
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