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    I have harvested rose hips before - but only from bushes in my own yard. However, I think I've found some young, small wild roses with hips on them. The leaves are toothed, as I know wild rose bushes are in our area, but I have not seen the plant flowering. There are very fine thorns on the plant. And there are hips. But here's the thing: They are red already (in July) and I thought rose hips never got ripe and red until fall.

    Does anyone know if rose hips can redden earlier? Or can anyone positively ID the plant from the photos below? (I didn't have a camera with me, so I picked some leaves and hips.) And does anyone know if there's another plant that produces what looks like rose hips?

    Thanks so much!IMG_2390.JPGIMG_2392.JPGIMG_2394.JPG

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    The two pictures you posted sure do look like they are rose hips, but I'm sure that somebody with more experience with them will be along.
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    I agree they do appear to be rose hips I have 2 bushs by my deck which have not produced yet I assume due to drought. I just went and checked the leaves they look the same but mine are not as coarse a tooth. There should be alot of seeds inside the hip.
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    Thanks! I did go ahead and prep them and found they have those little tiny, itchy hairs inside, too. I've just never seen rose hips red so early in the year!

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    I'm only familiar with wild roses and yes, that's what you've got there. Up here in the Yukon the fruit are just forming now, so if you're a good ways south of here, they may well be ripening already in sunny spots.
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    Where are you located? I've found it impossible to ID plants in this forum without at least that info.
    Looks like the roses in my front yard. They are probably Rosa Rugosa and grow wild mostly down around Cape Cod and similar areas, but I'm sure other places. Mine are planted from seed I collected while fishing down there. But you can buy the plants online. Indestructible and somewhat invasive if overfed. Will take salt exposure so I have them planted as a front of yard hedge. They get road salted all winter and still bloom happy as can be. Bright fuchsia pink single roses with 5 petals. Sometimes there are white ones too.

    They always ripen in July. Tasty as long as you scoop out the hairs. Sorta like an apple. This is the first year mine have had enough hips to contemplate making jelly. Maybe this weekend.
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