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Thread: Mossberg 715P .22LR

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    Post Mossberg 715P .22LR

    Current carbine I'm reviewing at the moment is this neat little bit of kit.

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    One of the latest Mossberg weapons to hit the market in .22LR.

    When you think Mossberg are only making Shotguns they pull this neat little number.

    It's made in Brazil under license from Mossberg and comes with 1 x 10 round magazine.


    High-capacity magazine's are available (25 round) and it comes with AR-15-esque furniture as standard.

    Weaver / Picatinny rails x 4 (3 on the fore-grip, 1 on the carrying handle / manual sights).

    Useful carrying handle and sliding stock.
    Light and handy (only weighs 5 lbs).
    Most AR15 mods will go on (but not all!).
    Can use both scope (if fitted) and manual sights without having to remove scope.
    Affordable (only $300) plus ammo is dirt cheap
    Very little to rust as the only metal parts are the trigger / bolt carrier / breach and barrel.
    Reliable so far running Winchester .22LR, no issues
    Short and compact, only 16 inch barrel. Handy for tight environments


    Short barrel
    Strip-down's are awkward;
    The AR-15-esque shell must be removed first entirely which is fiddly with 13-15 screws to take apart and this also can through off a zero'd scope slightly.

    Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.

    Not very rugged (yet not exactly fragile either).
    Safety catch is not ideal for ambidextrous users / left-handers
    No threaded barrel so work would be needed for suppressors etc to be fitted
    Subsonic ammo (that we've tried so far) must be manually cycled.
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    Looks like the Mossberg 702 Plinkster, Tactical......a702 in Ar clothes, wonder it its the same.

    Cool little rifle, fixin' on getting out to the range in a day or so.......
    Thanks for your review.
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