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Thread: Friction Fire Plow (In Greece)

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    Question Friction Fire Plow (In Greece)


    I am from greece,

    In my area the most common wood is beech and pinetree ( and ofc in greece olivetrees).

    Is it possible that with the correct technic and skill that you can make it work?

    I have done it but only with electric drill instead of the bow in the bow drill method.

    But when i try it with the plow method, it only smokes even when done in alot of speed and with alot of pressure.

    Any thoughts?

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    From what you have described I cannot tell what you are doing wrong. By chucking up the spindle in the drill you have shown that the wood type works, so I would guess your technique is incorrect.
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    The base is a log of beech cut in half.

    The wood I use to "plow" is beech and around 40cm long, 5cm high and 2cm thick.

    With a 45angle cut in the end and sharped like a knife.

    I start going back and forth for about 20 sec in a slow pace.
    Then another 20 sec of mid-high(smoke starts coming).
    Then another 5-10 sec of everything I have(alot of smoke).
    And then when i stop cause im tired the smoke clears and there is no coal.
    (I try to stop at the same position when the stroke goes up + my strokes get smaller as the speeds gets up)
    My pressure is getting higher as the speed gets higher.

    The way I hold the wood etc are as shown in every tutorial video out there.

    Am i missing something ?
    Or am i just 2 weak to do it?


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