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Thread: USMC MSS 4-piece sleeping system for sale

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    Cool USMC MSS Sleeping System

    USMC M.S.S. (Modular Sleeping System)

    Authentic USMC, Natick tags. Includes Goretex Bivvy, Patrol bag (green), Intermediate bag (black), and compression stuff sack. Used lightly for a few years - no rips, tears, stains, modifications, damage of any kind other than maybe a few scuffs on underside of Goretex bivvy. Heavy duty YKK zippers, bomb-proof (hyperbole) fabric and construction. Made for our boys so you know it'll hold together in the bush. Why am I selling? I've gone ultralite - still into survival - but I have new equipment that replaces this (more in the mind, less on the back). Pictures available upon request. Asking $60 + shipping.
    Located in Los Angeles for local pick up as an option. Cheers
    Picture album uploaded here:
    [B]UPDATE (May 19): SOLD[
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    I received the bags yesterday. As advertised, they are in like new condition. I must admit to being a bit hesitant on this transaction, sending funds to an individual, awaiting that to clear, then awaiting shipment. But, things worked out great. I want to let those that may wish to deal with MCBushbaby in the future, this was a satisfying transaction.
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    Nice. Too bad for me that I wasnt quite at this forum when it was posted up, I have the same setup I bought online a couple years ago and for the price I would have tried to buy up this one for my wife.

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    i have 2 mss bags plus a xtra bivysac. awesome bags indeed.

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    I already have a ECWS bag. Hope you sell that thing to a good home.

    Be sure that when you store it you keep it lair out or hanging in the closet. Leaving a quality bag like that compressed will ruin the hollowfill. Always unpack it when you get home.

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    I gonna guess he won't see you message he hasn't been around since 05-19-2012, his last post.....
    He had also posted that it was sold.
    [B]UPDATE (May 19): SOLD[
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter63 View Post
    I gonna guess he won't see you message he hasn't been around since 05-19-2012, his last post.....
    He had also posted that it was sold.
    [B]UPDATE (May 19): SOLD[

    The advice still stands. Most people erroneously store their bags in compression sacks and it is actually bad for them. Worse yet when you do it to a nice bag like that ECWS.
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