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Thread: the plot thickens

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    Is this the same guy that was involved in the great leatherman disappearance?
    Why do I live in Alaska? Because I can.

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    yup, the same. There are some other things, little mistakes that stretch out the day that even a two year apprentice wouldn't do much less a 25 year journyman.

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    You may wish to employ the use of some type of mechanized training. May I suggest....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    So now he's getting 39 1/2.
    If he's not careful he may wind up getting 7 to 10, with time off for good behavior.

    In the "guess what I found" department, the drain for our central air unit once got plugged. Naturally the condensation overflowed and got everything soaked. There was a large triangular dead space between the walls, right behind the unit. When I opened up the return-air grate to remove the water, I found lunch-bags, drink cups and other junk the builder's crew left behind. I also found a used feminine hygiene product...


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