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Thread: Sixth Sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by natertot View Post
    .................Sometimes lights on or off, a car parked in a different area, even attitudes of the staff themselves.

    And in the bush it's the birds stop chirping, or the wind changes direction, or a different smell, etc. etc.

    Those that claim a sixth sense are just registering these things subconsciously.
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    All kinds of things can trigger one's senses. Urban areas have one set of triggers and rural areas another with "wilderness" an even different set.

    My stepsons said they could always tell when an attack was imminent in Iraq, all the kids disappeared from the streets, too many people in traditional clothing, women being sure to veil their faces, traffic cleared.

    In urban America you have "eagle day" (government check day), full moon cycles and increased tagging predicting gang activity. Most of the "random violence" is actually quite predictable, as Natertot said. Sometimes we react so instinctively we do not realize that the location, condition or style of vehicle parked in an unusual place, or the absence of the same, has put us on alert. I am sure Natertot and Ms. B could compare notes on urban awareness for an extended period. I simply avoid thise areas as much as possible, sort of like our ancestors trying to stay out of smiledon and short nosed bear territory. When I do enter them I ty to be on alert and prepared for any bear or lion trouble.

    In farm country there are some sure fire give-aways. Ever seen a coyote in broad daylight? They only expose themselves if something has forced them into the open. Same for deer at odd times of the day or if they disappear from their normal pattern of movement. Something is wrong in their world, which might mean something is wrong in YOUR world. I have stood on a ridge on the AT and watched the progress of another hiker miles away, as the birds rose from the treetops marking his progress along the trail.

    Wilderness, what is left of it, has its own set of standards that match each ecosystem, and just like the urban areas often changing from one block to the next, each "wilderness" area has its immidiate triggers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ITN
    And in the bush it's the birds stop chirping
    Birds chirp? Well I swan. I haven't heard a bird chirp in 10 years. If you lose a sense you'd better make dang sure you make up for it with what you have left. My eyes are not so bad for distance and my nose is excellent. Sometimes my nose can make my eyes water if the wind is blowing in the right direction or the bathroom fan isn't on.

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    I'm pretty sure it's not your nose that's making your eyes water, but whatever is going up it!
    True story. I took a friend out to our new place the other day and as we were tromping through the woods, something told me to watch out for snakes (I think the 6th sense is "common") and on the way out, sure as sunshine, there was a 4 foot rattlesnake on our path. I stopped about two steps short of him, barely picked him out from the sticks and leaves.
    We walked around the snake and let him be. I don't kill snakes unless they are trying to kill me. It's hard being a snake. I respect them tremendously.
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    Exactly Kyrat. The biggest thing for the urban environment is that 1)people are, for the most part, obnoxiously lazy and 2) extreme creatures of habit. I know nurses that have worked at the facility for over ten years and only know how to get to their floor, the cafe, the gift shop and the credit union. Anything else, they are clueless. Goin back to my point though, if someone is creating more work for themselves and/or breaking the normal routine, something is up. I knew a guy who showed up to work within this 15 minute window, always had his loud speakers going, and parked in the same corner on the same level in the same garage. One day, he showed up 30min earlier and parked in a lot a block away. I asked him what was up and he told me his girl was after him! A guy I work with caught a guy "caring for himself" because he too was parked in a different area than normal.
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