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Thread: Whats everyones recommendations on the best tasting wild edibles?

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    Talking "Wild Edibles" in general Id start with venison and feral pig bacon. As for plants, well persimmons, and most berries are high up on my list along with many nuts.

    In sping time I usually get some wild onions, leeks / or ramps depending on where ya happen to live and dandelion greens.

    Also several different items for Tea.

    I like dried purple top clover in my smoking blend since it helps with breathing (add in some mullen also if I have any but prefer the other) I smoke my pipe with blends that I picked up reading up on indians and mountian men and such. If I use tobbacco it is from one of the reservations that sell the plain tobbacco.

    I am thinking I ought to try to grow some, but so far haven't attempted it.

    heck as a kid we used to dry and smoke corn silk in home made corncob pipes after we read tom sawyer and huckelberry finn.

    I know I know bad habit, I have more than a few, and some of em I'm not likely to let go of anytime soon.

    If I feel they are hurting others I would drop em now, or already have. (dropped moon shine from my habbits a long time ago, but will still take a beer or some hard cider once in a blue moon.)

    I am a strange mix of old and new ideas. Takes time for me to embrace change. sometimes I think I won't live long enough to embrace some changes.

    Well ramble off for the moment.

    Thaddius Bickerton


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    I grew up eating wild strawberries, grapes and gooseberries in Minnesota. We used to go camping along the lake and catch fish for dinner and the berries for desert. Mighty fine living for a 1970's "Huck Finn" kid.


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