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Thread: Wildfire Season

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    Default Wildfire Season

    Many parts of the country have been very dry. There is a lot of fuel on the ground just waiting for a spark. Right now there are over 100 wildfires burning throughout Florida. So far they are nothing like the Okefenokee Swamp fire last year that burned for many months, but it is still early. Some mornings, depending on the wind, we will get a smoke cover, coupled with the smell and ash fallout. The last few days have kept the smoke away from our area. These pictures were taken on Wednesday from a grocery store parking lot more that 50 miles away from a 30,000 acre fire.

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    Yep, we often have a problem with wild land fires up here. It can get pretty bad.
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    Severe fire threat here in New Jersey also. I went to the range on base today and was shocked how large the underbrush fire had been. I think they said we are about 50 % low on rain year to date
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    I guess that's the upside to living in farm country. Hard to have a wild fire on plowed ground. Stay safe!
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    Out here in San Diego County we have had our share of wild fires in recent years. Most of the forest in the backcountry that I used to mountainbike ride and hike in are wiped out.. One fire was started by a lost hunter and a road flare.

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    It's been pretty quiet here. Only wildland fire so far was one we accidently started shooting tracers.


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