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Thread: Fish Jerky

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    It's okay, he's almost deaf he didn't hear me...
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    I've never had the desire to catch or eat carp. But an old man I knew told me about how his mother would prepare carp in a pressure cooker to basically break down the bones to make them easier to eat. He compared it to pickled herring. I don't know if that was because of the taste and/or texture. I don't believe it would be a good candidate for either smoked fish or jerky. I remember hearing once that you can eat most saltwater fish raw, but most freshwater fish needed to be cooked??
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    CARP wtf unless I'm in a survival situation I'm not eating that nasty fish... Lol, carp head soup, he11 no. Lol, I've had insects, birds, snake, gator, squirrel, rabbit, crawdad, even had dog in Korea, but I'm not eating no carp. Although I don't like fish in general (cant get past the smell) and haven't eaten it in probably 15 years, I may be prejudice. Fish jerky, yuk!
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