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Thread: I love this state for one thing

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    Angry I love this state for one thing

    I didn't have to renew my hunter safety in NC. I've been doing those classes most of my life since my grandparents taught it in Michigan. So I got my hunting and trapping license.

    What I hate about this state, there's nowhere to hunt. Not unless you're willing to cough up thousands of dollars to be part of a club. It's sickening. There were more lands for hunting in southern california than there are here. I just had to drive about 35 miles to get anything there. Here the closest I have is about 80 miles. It's silly.

    There's so many deer here that it's retarded. The turkeys sit out in people's front lawns. Don't even get me on the smaller critters that are in mass abundance.

    Oh and when it comes to foraging in state land I can't touch a plant? That's pretty retarded in my opinion as well

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    aloy of the state lands are the same in Mo

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    Perhaps you should return to Kalifornia?

    Or convince the state of NC to change their interpretation of private property. That's it! Just declare all land communal property and suspend trespass laws!

    Ever consider the idea that if they did not prohibit "foraging" (defined as harvesting in the real world) the state forests would be stripped of vegitation for one use or another? the laws are there for the purpose of addressing and discouraging problems that have already occurred. They are not just thinking them up to harass you specifically.

    You are dealing with the eastern U.S. where popilation density averages 100 PSM, not the western desert where no one could live there if they wanted too, which is why the west has so much "public land".

    What most hunters in the east do is get on good terms with a land owner and obtain permission to hunt their private property. That is what I have done all my life. On occassion people have even INVITED me to hunt their land.

    I also chose my last property purchase to position myself between two public hunting areas less than 3 miles apart and in walking distance to a public access lake. I am good to my neighbors and they do not mind if I walk their roadside fence rows picking greens as part of my daily constitutional.

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    Perhaps you should take some time and read through their DNR site.

    They have over 2 million acres of public lands you can hunt plus private land and corporate land. Didn't you scope it out before you moved?

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