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Thread: Good Double A Head Lamp?

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    Default Good Double A Head Lamp?

    The only part of my kit that doesn't require double a batteries is my head lamp. It uses triple a batteries. I want to change this out with my plans for charging power in the middle of nowhere. I'd rather just carry a single solution rather than multiple.

    Any recommendations?

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    I have 2 types of batteries to cover all of my needs, double A and CR123. That being said, I have both types of batteries in rechargable form along with a PV panel to recharge them
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    I'm trying to only utilize one type of battery size. That really didn't help all that much.

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    I use a 4-AA Princeton Tec headlamp like this one:
    It is a halogen light and is very bright but has only a 3.5-5 hr burn time but that is long enough to find a place to hunker down until daylight.
    Because of that, I also carry a Petzl 3-AAA LED headlamp that, while not as bright, will last longer. It's a small very packable item that I like to have for back up.
    I'll trade the short battery life on the Princeton Tec for the brightness, which I like having. I've tried keeping all my batteries the same but can't because the equipment I like and trust the most simply do not run on the same type of batteries.
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    Not too crazy about that type of headlamp with the battery pack in the back. The wires can become loose or snag on something.
    Nevertheless, I can't argue with the burn time and brightness. I could argue with the price of $75 ( more or less)though.
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    If you are going with rechargeable batteries, you can by adapters that fill the space of a AA using a AAA, or they have chargers that charge both sizes.

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    I also prefer electronics that use one type of battery and also prefer AAs since they're so common. I'm sorry I don't have a headlamp recommendation but a Google search came up with some links I think you'd find interesting.
    Concerning runtime my plan is to get two single AA high lumen tactical lights for my wife and I, mostly to save weight and yet have a lot of light. My current 2 AA updated Maglite puts out 160 Lumens which i have found very helpful hiking down a mountain in foggy, rainy, night. A high lumen single AA might have shorter runtime than a double AA, but who cares? I'll be carrying spares.
    Good luck in your search.

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    There is always the option of changing everything to AAA.
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