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Thread: Low Miles Classic Truck I will probably buy tomorrow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter63 View Post
    Need bigger tires, bigger tires........
    It doesn't look it but thos sre 35" bfgs on her. the truck just swallows them. So yeah bigger tires after all the "other" stuff is done. I have to stand on a 12"X12" on my tip toes to get to the carb now. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll be sure and take pics next time I do something stupid. I got the water out of the oil and put some miles on her, seems she is ok so far.
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    I bet those tires would look bigger if you got some rims with a little offset to give it a wider stance.

    Wow, I didn't know that one pic of Hunter's was a video lol, that is a good sounding truck.... for a chevy....
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