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Thread: Modern and Primitive Fire Kits

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    Default Modern and Primitive Fire Kits

    Thought a few of you might like to see what I carry and teach out of.

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    nice kit thankyou for sharing

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    IA, well done, glad you mentioned that a bow drill shouldn't be your primary fire starting method, unless you want to, and do have a back up(s).

    I am a big fan of flint/steel, char-cloth personally, with buckskinning and all.

    I have found that the storage can with the steel/flint and char-cloth, can also be used to make more char-cloth, by just making a nail hole in the can, to seal it back up.

    To seal it back up after it cools down, and you have your fire still going, melt a little bit of your candle (I always carry a candle end or two), and drop the drip in the hole.
    Next time you need the can, it will just melt out.
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