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Thread: Important rules read this first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottishsmith24 View Post
    Chris, it says on my account that I am a senior member but I'm not able to post in the classified area. Any idea what's going on?
    That has happened to a couple of people. Shoot him an email (bottom of the page - contact us) so that he will get it sooner.
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    great idea for a buy.sell trade section. But i sell in a diff site.i don't have to pay shipping thata way.and as for 100+ thinking it'll be some time before i get to that number anyhow..LOL
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    What is this stuff about "diff. site"? I've heard rumors of such things but I think they only exist on the dark side of the web. I would be very afraid to travel there. I think you have to wear garlic when surfing it. Just sayin'...

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    ebay is diff/different
    Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.

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    I always considered this an exchange site between members, not an open auction site.

    Back in the day we used to do a lot of swapping via private messages. Me and Hunter and old Nate have swapped enough gear to equip a scout troop, along with the trailer to pull it with.

    BTW how does someone manage to be a member here for five years and only have 27 posts?

    Have you been in a coma or is it the fact that you joined after 2012 and we have had no "end of world" panics since then?
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