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Thread: Vine berries?

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    Default Vine berries?

    I found these growing along a stream bed by my home. I've never seen them before in this spot and have wondered what they are.
    Here is a pic:
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    You need to show more of the leaf.
    You say it was a vine? Or a small shrub?
    Where in the world are you?

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    Here you go:

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    It's on a vine.
    It's in Delaware.

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    looks kinda like this :

    Avoid any berries that are grown on vines because most of these are poisonous. Vine fruit comes in clusters like grapes, and are dark blue or red. Stay away from any plants with red foliage or stems since most of them are poisonous. Also, some of the berries may be edible, but other parts of the plant are not.

    With that said birds eat these berries and from what Ive read they are edible but bland tasting!
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    Looking at the leaves, it looks like a grape possibly a wild grape. what color do the fruits fully ripen to?
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    Porcelain berry is a member of the grape family and has some species and cultivars that have even more grape-like leaves.
    Some of the Horticultural varieties are actually very aggressive non-native plants and are considered invasive in some areas.

    There are better things to grow and eat out there.

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    I've never heard of it. A learning day for me. Thanks.

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    Thanks all.
    This plant and others have overgrown the stream bed this year like never before.
    Don't worry, I wasn't planning on eating them. Just wondering what they are.


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