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    Hi guys, was just wondering what would you use for improvised dressings when in a survival situation?

    Cheers guys

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    Always kept tampons in the pack . Absorbs a lot of blood and can be taped in place.
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    I guess it all depends on what you have or don't have with you as well as what you are trying to dress. Cuts? Burns? Scrapes? Insect stings or bites, poison plants? Any of the above? What's your flavor? You sort of left the door open to a plethora of possibilities.

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    Fair play there Rick, just one situation, say you're at home and you have an accident/you need some quick dressing to take to the field. How would you make them, using anything in the house you know curtains, material, rugs anything..

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    Having used them for several purposes in the Army, you should have seen my ex's look when she found my tampon stash.
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    Sassafras leaves I have seen work on blood poisoning on my leg and foot. I had it put on me many times as a child. Put the smaller newer leaves in a sock then smash the sock with a hammer until you have a slimy paste. Put it on the wound. It has something in it that heals and draws out infection, but it also acts something like a "wet to dry" type of dressing. Also, slightly acidic dressings have been shown, in studies, to greatly promote healing. I've used honey as did surgeons of the past and it helps. Both the acid and honey are preservatives and greatly decrease the chance of infection. The salt water in the ocean helps wounds. Always wrap a wound tight enough to stop the bleeding, but loosen it as it begins to stop or things begin to turn blue. I've used duct tape about 30 times to stop the initial bleeding because that's what I had, but you can use a strip of any cloth. Everyone uses baking soda on bites and stings.


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