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    Went walking in a preserve early this morning (to beat the heat). It was nice out, I think I was the first person out there today. Anyway, walked up on a barred owl. (At least I think that is what is was.) I watched it watch me for a little while then continued on my way. It then flew right over my head. I was amazed that it was completely silent. It makes no sound whatsoever when flying. Then on the way back out, I saw two of them. I wonder if they would be adolescents this time of year. Any bird experts out there?

    Of course, I did NOT have a camera with me.
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    Well would you look at that........a human.

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    Just sizing you up, for lunch..... too hot for a bunch of little meals, gonna go for one big one????
    Very cool, and a treat!

    Had a great horned owl swoop down in the early dawn (dark) and knocked off my camo hat....while walking to a turkey hunting spot....scared the plop out of me for sure....thought it was the harppies coming for me......
    Buddy of mine says it was because my hat was emitting UV's?......I guess they sell spray stuff to cut that down.
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    I'm definitely no bird expert but I do know that Great Horned Owls breed in late winter (I think March), and maybe Barred Owls do too? In that case, they could be juveniles.
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    All owls fly in absolute silence, though they sometimes make a little noise on takeoff. The silent flight is a key reason why they're such effective night-hunters. With barn owls, their size and white undersides, plus their absolute silence, can almost make one believe in ghosts, spooks and haints.

    There's a Great Horned Owl that comes and sits in one of my trees about once a month. The owl (possibly a female) hoots to us softly for about 15 minutes, then leaves. The visits are almost always between 9PM and midnight, so I've only managed to actually see her once. She's about due, and I'm looking forward to her next visit.
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    At least this didn't happen when you saw them.


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