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Thread: Anyone else want to do this?

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    O I'll just say this.If you do decide to live out in the wild.Please,Please take at least one modern item with you.A cell phone so if something goes a foul you have a way to get help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerpMaster View Post
    Wow, didn't expect to get so many negative responses, considering this is a wilderness survival forum.
    you have to consider that while we are a wilderness survival forum, with an active membership base of many diverse social views and keen interests in the do it yourself spirit, respect for aboriginal lifeskills, and respect for personal liberties, we are not a tresspassing and poaching forum, and we also mostly have a strong bent towards the practical and realistic.

    i recognize and respect what I interpret as your dissatisfaction with modern life, excessive government/legislation and the younger I was, the more I felt the same. I still harbor many of those feelings but I have learned to modify my feelings to quite some extent to bring them in line with the world I have to live in. I've been a hobo; it's not as romantic as it sounds. One of the realities of living your own life in your own way is that you will have to protect it, and two of the most effective ways to do so are to have ownership of the land you live on and some liquid financial resources. Nobody likes it, but if you can arrange that position for yourself you'll find the freedoms worth the efforts. You don't have to do so, but you might find it helps. Education; at least in the practical things is also indispensable, but the beauty of that is that you keep accumulating that all you life as much as you want it.

    Cheers either way. I wish you the best.
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    Man'up and move to Alaska.

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    Don't forget a charger for that cell phone. Oh, wait...........

    You won't find the adults on here handing a kid a knife and a breechclout and saying 'there's the woods, have at it'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerpMaster View Post
    Lately I've been doing some serious thinking, and I've come to realize that I do not belong in this society. I just can't see myself going to work every day for the REST OF MY LIFE thinking, "Why am I here?" I refuse to be a part of the joke that we call civilization. I never signed any social contract. This is not the way we were meant to live, and I'm sick and tired of people cheating mother nature. There's no survival of the fittest anymore. We've stopped evolving completely.

    Also, the whole 2012 end of the world thing is really starting to look more like a reality. I'm not a gloom and doomer or anything, I'm just looking at all the recent evidence (IE. record breaking earthquakes, weather, etc.) Basically I'm trying to form a group of people who are going to be completely self sufficient and live off the land, native american style. That and a survival group in case the crap hits the fan and the end of the world really is here. If you live in Georgia and are planning on or contemplating doing the same thing and you're serious about it, just message me.

    Thanks and sorry for all the ranting
    For this group of people, your basic thinking is wrong.......Seems that YOU want to call the shots.......I can tell you that line of thinking is not gonna fly here.
    Most everyone, tend to think, do, act,to take care of themselves.

    Would I want to join you, No, even Heck no.
    Why would I want to trade the Rules that I have to live by now, (and figured out how to function relatively well), only to throw in with a bad attitude with little or no upside that I can see.

    Sorry, Dude, this is a personnel thing for you, and I don't want any part of it.

    I'm not even gonna wish you luck.
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