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Thread: (Scenario)Caught out in the brush with asthma and no medicine... what to do?

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    Default (Scenario)Caught out in the brush with asthma and no medicine... what to do?

    I'm an asthmatic and every where I go I always take into account my condition, as spastic as it may be. I was wondering, if someone was caught out in the middle of nowhere with no medicine, what do they do? Also, if someone was to decide to live off the land for quite some time, how would they treat their asthma?

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    Maybe somebody that suffers from asthma can help you with some real world experience (all I can do is Google for you since I don't have asthma). In the meantime.....

    (Senario)Caught out in the forum and not being able to find the Introduction thread....what to do?

    Answer: Here it is.
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    boiling mint and inhaling the steam?
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    A famous brand of cigarettes.. with asthma.. hmm

    mullein, dried and burned like incense helps one of my wife's friends. Kinda smells piney. I don't have asthma either, so I can't say if it works, but she says it helps with her coughing.

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    I'm not certain why you would be caught out in the woods with no medicine. The ideal is talk to your doctor about the situation and acquire an extra supply so you won't be caught empty handed.

    The truth is, some folks can't live in the bush for any length of time because of their medical condition. It's a nice dream but if you have a medical condition then you need to do some realistic thinking about what you can accomplish. Asthmatics can certainly do any number of things and I'm not suggesting otherwise but they generally have medication available just in case their activity causes a flair up.

    Now, about that Intro.


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