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Thread: Buckeyes- for arthritis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamewolf View Post
    Didn't work for me, kind of like the copper bracelet. The buckeye only took up room in my pocket and the copper bracelet only turned my wrist green !
    How long did you try it for?......

    Kinda like raw oysters......guys were telling me they were a great aphrodisiac.
    So I tried a dozen....only eight worked........YMMV
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    My dad has carried one in his pocket for the last few years and he swears by it. I take prescribed medications for rheumatoid arthritis and gout. I tried the buckeye thing for a while but it doesn't seem to work as well for me. Too bad as the weather is starting to change and I could use some relief on those cool, damp mornings. I've heard of bee stings being used to help arthritis sufferers as well although that may be kinda like keeping the buckeye in your shoe.


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