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Thread: Fire Starters And Tinders

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    Thank you for sharing your videos. I've been learning and writing about different fire starting methods and have been looking for good videos to include in the blog.

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    Here is a video of 53 types of Tinder for fire-starting.

    Personally I disagree with his opinion of Doritos being better than corn chips, and there are a ton of other methods, but for the sake of this thread

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    Just watched your fire starter videos - good stuff! The flint and steel one actually reminded me of my first successful attempt, felt like magic, honestly.

    You planning on diving into friction fires soon? That's a beast on its own. I've tried it a handful of times, but it's hit or miss for me. Would be cool to see your approach and any tricks you've picked up.

    Keep the videos coming, man. They're solid.
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    That's awesome to hear, Nell's comments must have been quite motivating! It's always great when feedback sparks new ideas and projects. Exploring different fire starters and tinders sounds like a fantastic addition to your content. It not only broadens the scope of your videos but also provides valuable information for your audience.

    Looking forward to seeing your future videos on various tinders and techniques. The evolution of your content to include friction fires shows a commitment to learning and sharing your experiences, which is both engaging and educational for your viewers.

    Keep up the fantastic work, and it's clear that your passion for the subject is driving you to continually improve and expand your content. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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