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Thread: Fire Starters And Tinders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ablang View Post
    Hello, i think this is probably the mose important think you need to survive )) and ofc water!
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    Really helpful videos! Already loving this forum. My friends used to always snicker at me for having fire steel instead of just using a lighter... until their BICs failed on a ski camping trip and I save the day/night!
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    I'm going to have to try this again. When I tried a battery with steel wool it didn't catch as much as that, probably the type of steel wool.
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    If you use 0000 or 000 it should work fine.
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    Great videos
    A good reminder for me to practice different methods!
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    My preferred manmade tinder is a variant of the petroleum jelly cotton ball. First, I melt the PJ, not just rub it into the CB. Second, I add paraffin or wax to the melted PJ and melt it all. Pour the mixture into a freezer zip top bag with cotton balls in it, squeeze out the air, then allow it soak up the hot liquid and keep it moving until it has cooled enough that it does not pool. At some point in the cooling process allow air in and move it so the balls don't just clump together. You can figure out the finer points. My cost is about 4 cents per PJCB, but you can pull them apart and maybe start 5 to 10 fires with each ball, depending on your kindling.

    Recipe is 13oz of PJ, 8oz of wax, 125 large cotton balls. Each ball will burn for about 10 minutes, give or take.

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    By the way, just in case it hasn't been noted, but steel wool works with a ferro rod as well.


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