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Thread: How To Make A Casting Video For Alone Vs. YouTube Video & How To Make A Slingshot (87

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    Default How To Make A Casting Video For Alone Vs. YouTube Video & How To Make A Slingshot (87

    A good number of you have message me and we talked about how to make a casting video. But now I've made a video on how to do that, based on what the Alone casting directors asked me to make it about recently and what they would really like to see. They are now casting So you have time to make a new video and be seen. Best of luck guy!!! Feel free to bug me if you have ?s

    "For those of you not interested in Alone and are rather annoyed with it This video is all about Making a ash natural cork slingshot as well. Right from the beginning I cut it from the tree take it up to my shelter and steam bend the forks. And shoot it of corse. "

    Im going to lift the vail a bit and show you how i film my YouTube videos and how to Make a casting Video for History channels Alone show. But we are going to do it wail fallowing the creation of a video about how to make a slingshot. And not just any slingshot I'm going to make a natural fork Ash slingshot and ill take you threw the hole process from cutting it to steaming the forks and shooting it. And while we're doing that I'll share the tips and tricksTo making An awesome casting video For history channels Survival show Alone. As well as how I make my YouTube videos In the difference between the two. Sounds like a lot, that's Why it took me two weeks to put this video together So it's entertaining For everyone. A little bit of something for the whole family:-) wink.

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    Nicely done.
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